Taxi Mallorca

Taxi Mallorca: Everything you need to know before booking.

Everyone knows that Mallorca is an ideal place to come and relax with the family. And many people prefer not to drive in order to relax. If this is your case or simply looking for a comfortable and professional way to move around the island of Mallorca, read on.

Why book a taxi service in Mallorca?

Apart from the reason stated above, basically for reliability and punctuality. Imagine you arrive in Mallorca. You have previously booked your taxi or transfer service. It’s 10 o’clock at night, you’re tired and you just want to get to your hotel to start your holiday in Mallorca in a positive way. And there is your driver at the meeting point of Palma de Mallorca Airport waiting for you with a smile and your name on a plaque.

This is how you should always start your vacations and not in any other way. That is why he trusts our professionalism as a transport, transfer and taxi company in Mallorca.
We specialize in these services especially from and to the Airport of Palma de Mallorca, also known as PMI.

What our taxi service in Mallorca can offer you

  • Puntuality. It is basic for global satisfaction to be satisfactory.
  • Commitment. You will always arrive at your destination in the best conditions.
  • Comfort. You will travel always you and your family. Nobody else.
  • Security. Our drivers have passed all the tests and skills required by the Law of Land Transport of Spain. So you will travel with a professional driver.

All this is very good, but how much will I pay for my taxi service in Mallorca?

Unlike other companies, we have a sophisticated price calculator. You will always know the price before you even book with us. And it will never vary. We promise.

We know that today it is very outdated to book a service without knowing the price in advance. We believe that in today’s times, with technology so present in our lives, the price must be known at all times, with taxes included, without any increase for payment by debit and credit card.

Stay calm knowing the price without surprises, even before booking

A common example of a taxi service in Mallorca.

A customer calls us worried because other companies can not understand which way of Mallorca the Taxi needs.
He has stayed in a private house or villa located on a little busy road, away from the main road, and needs someone to pick him up to take him to the airport, but nobody understands him.

We do  🙂 

He gets in touch with us and sends us the address via whatsapp, sms or email and we will look for him at the agreed time. In the end, this client is very happy because he has obtained a personalized service, with good communication and punctuality. And all at a fixed price. ♥