Taxi Mallorca: Everything you need to know before booking.

We are a Mallorca Taxi and Transfers company that offer everything necessary for you to forget about driving. Everyone knows that Mallorca is an ideal place to come and relax with the family. And many people prefer not to drive in order to relax. If this is your case or simply looking for a comfortable and professional way to move around the island of Mallorca, read on. 

Why book a Taxi Service in Mallorca?

Apart from the reason stated above, basically for reliability and punctuality. Imagine you arrive in Mallorca. You have previously booked your taxi or transfer service. It’s 10 o’clock at night, you’re tired and you just want to get to your hotel to start your holiday in Mallorca in a positive way. And there is your driver at the meeting point of Palma de Mallorca Airport waiting for you with a smile and your name on a plaque.

This is how you should always start your vacations and not in any other way. That is why he trusts our professionalism as a transport, transfer and taxi company in Mallorca.
We specialize in these services especially from and to the Airport of Palma de Mallorca, also known as PMI.

What our Taxi Mallorca service can offer you

  • Puntuality. It is basic for global satisfaction to be satisfactory.
  • Commitment. You will always arrive at your destination in the best conditions.
  • Comfort. You will travel always you and your family. Nobody else.
  • Security. Our drivers have passed all the tests and skills required by the Law of Land Transport of Spain. So you will travel with a professional driver.

All this is very good, but how much will I pay for my Taxi in Mallorca?

Unlike other companies, we have a sophisticated price calculator. You will always know the price before you even book with us. And it will never vary. We promise.

Our company knows that today it is very outdated to book a service without knowing the price in advance. We believe that in today’s times, with technology so present in our lives, the price must be known at all times, with taxes included, without any increase for payment by debit and credit card.

Stay calm knowing the price without surprises, even before booking


What Type of Service Am I Paying For?

In general, a taxi can be defined as a rental vehicle with a driver. It is used by a single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. It is the most convenient and economical way to travel from one place to another. No matter where you live, you will have to hire a taxi service at some point of time.

The use of a taxi service will ensure that you will have a vehicle that will take you to the desired location safely and efficiently at a reasonable pace. Apart from this, there are also numerous benefits of using a taxi service for your transportation needs. Using a taxi in Mallorca is the best way to ensure you have a peaceful vacation completely away from the city and their all their bustle.

  • 24/7 Service

Most taxi companies nowadays offer their customers a service that is up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week, 89Transfers is not an exception to the rule. This means, no matter where you are and what time of day it is, a taxi service will always be there for you with your services. All you need to do is call our taxi company and provide us with your location.


  • Affordable

In regard to the ease and comfort provided by a taxi in Mallorca like 89Transfers, we can say that taxi services are the most affordable transportation method you will find. People have the wrong idea of ​​having to pay a high price for taxis, but with our technological system you’ll pay for the service you’re enjoying.


  • Save time

Remember that choosing public transportation instead of a taxi in Mallorca means that you’ll have to deal with hassles such as walking to the desired destination and waiting for the vehicle, and all this while carrying your luggage. And if you choose to drive yourself, there will be stress about finding a space in the parking area. Hiring a taxi will free you from these hassles and automatically help you save time. 89Transfers will send you a taxi only a few minutes after you call them.


  • A Flexible Service

Unlike public transportation, our services for taxi in Mallorca are very flexible and can be customized according to your needs. It gives you the flexibility to travel wherever and whenever you want. Similarly, they don’t have to make frequent stops to pick up other passengers.

Previsions You Must Have in Mind Before You Visit Mallorca

Before you succumb to the several attractions that make a visit in Mallorca unmissable such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, famous for containing one of the largest rosettes of the Levantine Gothic style, known as the Eye of the Gothic, or the Jonquet district, full of history formed by small houses of sailors and fishermen who lived by the sea and has the emblematic mills of the area, there are some things you should keep in mind for a successful trip that will be kept in your memory as one of the most wonderful vacations you’ve spent.

  • Prepare Your Stomach for a Remarkable Experience

Mallorca is a place where many different cultures have added their grain of sand and make the entire place richer place in terms of gastronomical options. Catalans, Muslims and Romans are some of the cultures who have improved the gastronomic selection in the island: “El Tumbet”, “Los Cocarrois” y “El Frit Mallorqui” are only some of the wide range of options you will find in the common restaurants of Mallorca. Don’t forget to try the “Ensaimada Mallorquina”, an excellent dessert that no one coming to Mallorca can forget to try at least once.

  • Train Your Palate for a Refined Selection of Elegant Drinks

If you enjoy drinking cocktails and more, you’ll be surprised by the delicious drinks you will find here. You can try the typical “Licor de Palo” which offers a sweet touch due to caramelized sugar, the “Pep Lemon” and the “Pep Ginet” are some other options you will enjoy. If you are planning to drink, don’t forget to call us so we can take you back to the hotel preventing any risks you would have to face if you were driving.

  • Book Your Mallorca Taxi at 89Transfers 48 Hours Before Coming

If this is the first time you’re coming to Mallorca, we recommend you book your taxi with us at least 48 hours in advance and you can calculate how much you’ll spend on your first ride to the hotel. The booking process is very easy to complete, you’ll only need some form of identification, it doesn’t have to be a hard copy to complete the process. If you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before, you’ll get all your money back.


Where can Our Taxi in Mallorca Take you?


For any type of destination you choose, you will need a professional in transport if you want to make the most out of every minute you spend on this new touristic tropical destination you’re visiting. Now, we will review some of the recreational activities that will require you to call one of our professionals so you can reach the place and start enjoying:


  • A Plethora of Beaches to Explore

Mallorca is considered a real paradise for all people who love the sea. But what are some of the best beaches you can visit?


  1. Palma Beach: Everything you need in a paradisiacal beach. White sand, blue sea that isn’t that wavy and it’s very near the historic center of the city. Therefore, there are a few kilometers that you need to cover before getting to the beach. With 89Tranfers the trip will be nice and safe.
  2. Coll Baix Beach: This beach is a rewarding landscape with turquoise waters, cliffs that offer shade for its visitors and surely a memorable picture for your eyes to enjoy. However, it’s 8 kms away from Alcudia, and you’ll need a taxi in Mallorca to take you there.
  3. Sa Canova Beach: Pristine waters and probably the quietest place you will find in the island. It’s not a very crowded place, but people coming to enjoy its waters and sand find an excellent location for windsurfing and other water sports.
  4. Cala Varques: One of the reasons why this beach attracts so many tourists is because of its white sand and crystal-clear water, but there is also a very interesting cave that will be the most memorable place for any speleology lover. This unspoilt beach is 12 km from Portocristo, book your taxi in Mallorca today and we will take you to your destination successfully.
  5. Cala de Sa Calobra: This is an idyllic setting in the Sierra de Tramuntana is this small cove between steep cliffs. To get there you will have to walk a road full of curves, but it will be worth it. We can take you as near as possible from the beach with one of our taxi drivers.


And, why not take advantage of the crystalline waters to start us in the world of scuba diving? Mallorca is a perfect island to discover its seabed, enjoy our beaches and explore the deep sea.

Discover the Good Things of Your Capital

Palma de Mallorca is a city that will make you fall in love from the very first moment, there are many streets full of cultural attractions and bars and restaurants where you can spend an excellent evening. But there are many other places you can visit if you want to enrich your cultural background and surprise yourself, some of them are:


  1. The Paseo Del Borne Cathedral: This place is one of the most representative and popular spaces of Palma. It formed part, at the beginning of the 19th century and in the middle of the War of Independence, of the plans for remodeling the city, which was intended to provide a more European image. Do you want to see the face of a European city? Then this place is the right one, a boulevard that was designed by the architect Isidro González Velázquez from Madrid and shares certain characteristics that make it similar to the Paseo del Prado located in Madrid.


  1. The Bellver Castle: During the Middle Ages, numerous castles were built in Spain, residences of the feudal lords that became a symbol of their power. Despite the passage of centuries, we can still admire numerous examples of these fortresses throughout Europe. Normally, we think of them as a polygonal construction, most of them square-shaped, although in Mallorca we find a different one, a circular one, probably inspired by the Herodion of Jerusalem.


The Bellver Castle is different from the rest because it is the only one in Spain with this type of shape and is the oldest castle in Mallorca. A mandatory visit if you come to Mallorca, we’ll get you there, book your taxi in Mallorca from 89Transfers!


  1. “La Almudaina” Royal Palace: The “Palau Reial de l’Almudaina” is the Royal Palace that we find in Palma de Mallorca. It is a very interesting visit if you are in the city, and located in a spectacular setting, next to La Seu, the Cathedral of Palma, and the Parc de la Mar.


“Almudaina” in Arabic means citadel or walled enclosure, and this palace finds its origins in the tenth century, with Mallorca under Muslim rule. Afterwards, all the civilizations that have passed through Mallorca have left their mark on the Royal Palace.

Visit the Small Towns Near Mallorca

Don’t stay in Palma the whole time: Mallorca was blessed with many villages and small towns nearby that are incredibly beautiful. We recommend you booking a taxi in Mallorca and visit some of these places to relax because not everything here is water and sand!


  1. Andratx: An excellent choice if you want to visit a coastal town surrounded by cliffs, islands and a beautiful sea, do not hesitate and put a thumbtack in the map to visit when you come to Mallorca.
  2. Valldemossa: Located in the north of Palma in the Serra de Tramuntana, this small stone village is a place where you can enjoy nature and a pure environment. Perfect to clearing the mind.
  3. Pollença: A small town founded by the Romans where you can have a wonderful stroll, visit the Gothic Chapel of the Roser Vell and take a cool cane.


A common example of a taxi service in Mallorca.

A customer calls us worried because other companies can not understand which way of Mallorca the Taxi needs.
He has stayed in a private house or villa located on a little busy road, away from the main road, and needs someone to pick him up to take him to the airport, but nobody understands him.

We do  🙂 

He gets in touch with us and sends us the address via whatsapp, sms or email and we will look for him at the agreed time. In the end, this client is very happy because he has obtained a personalized service, with good communication and punctuality. And all at a fixed price. ♥


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