Transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or


Do you already have your flight tickets to Mallorca? Have you booked your hotel to enjoy an amazing vacation? Your next step is to book the transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or.


After having landed and collected your bags, the time to move to your hotel will come. This situation is usually very tedious because it is very common that you find yourself tired, especially if you have been many hours on the plane.


Cala D’or is a very beautiful place, but with some peculiarities that you must take into account. One of them is that, precisely, it is not a place where it is easy to find a place to park, reason why it is not recommended to rent cars.


On the other hand, taxis are an option that even today has some cons. The service is often expensive and, in addition, many people complain that they have been mistreated by their drivers.


For this reason, choosing a transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or can be a great option.

Transfer from Palma Airport to Cala d´or

Booking a transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or is the option that has more advantages.


If you book a transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or you can save a lot of time at the airport beforehand.


In the first place, you will save yourself the time in which you investigate about what is the best option. Commonly, when landing, you meet many people who offer different services of transfers and, among them, there are always those who want take advantage of these situations to abuse with excessive prices.


On the other hand, the problem of the well-known taxis that have increased their price considerably. Also, this service does not allow you to predict the final value of the transfer and, logically, it is in these situations in which scams occur.

Book your transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or in advance


As you may have been noticed, choosing a transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or will officially start your vacation moment.


For this reason, the best thing you can do is book the service in advance. Please note that transfers from Palma Airport to Cala D’or are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you will not be hindered.


In addition, there is the possibility of accessing a guarantee if you hire a transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D’or more than 24 hours in advance.

Another important stuff

Mallorca transfers have other benefits that are highly valued by users who choose the service. Among them, the fact that the company takes responsibility for the investment in its fleet of cars with the aim of guaranteeing true comfort during the trip stands out.


Many people arrive to the city after long flights and, then, they are exhausted. The transfer from Palma to Cala D’or has comfortable seats and air conditioning, something you will really appreciate under the Mallorcan heat.


In addition, the fleet has cars of different sizes, so it is possible to hire the service for both solo travelers, families with children or even large groups of people.


By hiring a transfer from Palma airport to Cala d’or, you can choose between cars for 1 to 4 people, minivans for up to 7 people or minibuses up to 13 passengers.


But this is not all! If you are planning a family trip with your children, you can rest easy when booking child safety seats.

About Cala D´or

This site is one of the most emblematic places on the island of Mallorca. It was baptized in this way because on its coasts it has a series of coves and tourist attractions.


Each of the coves has its own characteristics, which were given from its beginnings as old fishing ports to the present day in which the marinas have multiplied.


Cala D’or belongs to the municipality of Santañí and is the largest tourist center in the region. Near this town you can find Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena and Portopetro. It was built in 1933, with the idea of ​​preserving the typical style of Ibiza, which stands out for low and white houses.

The beaches

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. This set is located in the Mediterranean Sea, reason why climate is one of the factors that benefits the tourist life on the island.


In particular, Cala D’or is located on the east coast of the island. This is the area that is benefited by the best climate and the best beaches. In fact, all the people who hire Mallorca transfer assure that they have visited one of the sites with the greatest amount of daylight hours to enjoy.


The beaches of Cala D’or are characterized by their white sand and the colour of the sea. When looking up, the horizon is painted with greens and blues that remain in the memory of all the people who vacation in the area.


In addition, you can enjoy an area of ​​pine forests where you can also breathe a lot of nature.

The five small beaches of Cala D´or

This is one of the reasons why many people choose this destination. These are small hidden beaches where you can feel the atmosphere as if you were in paradise.


The beaches have no more than 40 meters wide and are surrounded by beautiful vegetation that makes the landscape very special. In them you can appreciate the direct contact with the real nature.

Eating in Cala D´or

After the transfer from Palma airport to Cala D’or, you can leave your baggage at the hotel and go to the beach. But if you have arrived in the afternoon and you feel hungry, you will want to find a place to eat something delicious.


In Cala D’or you will not have any problem when choosing restaurants. This is because it is a place where the world of gastronomy abounds. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy in any moment.


Among the best options, the Yacht Club stands out. This option can be a bit expensive but the dishes are fascinating and also has beautiful views over the port.


You can also choose between Port Petit or the Gadus, which is punctuated with a Michelin star.


In any case, do not forget to ask for the typical specialties of Mallorca. You can order an ensaimada, a coca de Mallorca or the famous arrós brut.

What you can do in Cala D´or

One of the most common tourist attractions in Cala D’or are boat trips. There are many companies that offer the service to enjoy a full day or half a day.


There are also other companies that offer the possibility of hiring an own boat. This option allows people to trace their own route along the coast to their liking and stop at the hidden coves that are so much surprising.


On the other hand, Cala D’or has transparent waters that invite to dive or snork. You can rent equipment or even take classes with specialists.

The Mondragó Natural Park

Before taking the Mallorca transfer to return to the airport and finish your vacation, you must visit the impressive Mondragó Natural Park.


Although the park is located in a slightly remote area, it is a very simple area to access. In addition, it is located in a protected region, which allows it to retain an impressive natural environment.


Also, in the park you can visit two beautiful beaches. S’Aramador and Mondragó have white sand and beautiful waves. These natural paradises are connected by a long walk with beach bars.


Inside the park you can choose between different options. There, you can cross many paths with abundant natural vegetation and a variety of fauna that completes the ecosystem.


So… what else do you need to book your transfer from Palma Airport to Cala D´or?

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