According to 10th article on the Act 34/2002 from July 11th, of Information and Electronic Commerce Services Society, we offer the following information:

89TRANSFERS (lower case, upper case) is a commercial used by Ramon Asen Pons Miralles.

It is located in 29 Eusebio Estada Street, 8º1, (Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.) with NIF 43208755N & REAT registered self-employed.

Contact info:

+34 871 15 38 66

Telegram: @89transfers

WhatsApp: +34 871 15 36 69

Or send on postal services to the address pointed above.

All rights reserved.

Terms and Conditions: Access and Use of Services.


1. Contract

Thanks for choosing our overland transportation service through authorized vehicles, pleasing your needs around Majorca. The web page and app will be updated periodically offering our passenger transportation service, number of places indicating every destiny, them dates, schedules, pick-up and returning places, approximate trip duration time (always based on weather, road and traffic conditions on the purchased ride) and the fee or price on the type of ride to be booked (one way or round trip). The service that you want to access, will allow you practice to the reservation and purchase for the trip that you specifically book, according to the itineraries, destinies, schedules, places for picking up and returning, place limitation and charges or fees pointed on the web page for every reservation (trip), accepting these conditions from the starting of the booking process. Your contract with us, for that matter, will be regulated by the Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Data Protection and Information Services Society (IS). If you don’t agree with these terms, please do not use the service. Terms and Conditions for the contract. – Don’t purchase anything or use the web page without having read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions: The use and access to our transporting service will work with a previous reservation. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase. Your information (name, last name, ID, phone number) will be treated by the company based on the demands of the Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Board 95/46, combined with the 2002/58/CE Privacy and Electronic Communications Board, only for the web’s own purposes and correct efficacy, without giving this data to any thirds. The service payment only will be effective by using the options shown in the web page and not any other. The company has a contract with the Obligatory Traveler Insurance in case of an accident and for being submitted to the current legislation in this area. In case of delays, excepting force majeure cases, the company is submitted to the current legislation.



The travelers will mandatorily attend to the indications given by the company staff and specially the vehicle driver, as well as the information signs placed for all the users. Travelers are also obligated to respect the rules indicated for security and civil protection, and specially the instructions given by the driver in charge of the trip, who will have the right to order an abandonment of the vehicle to any user that doesn’t follow the rules and jeopardy the safety from the rest of the passengers, the driver or the rights of the company.



In case of the company being forced to cancel the announced and scheduled trip for any reason beyond its control, a contract will be established by the same ways used for the reservation process, calling the cancellation and having the right to communicate it through a personal and direct call to the user if it corresponds. Users will accept both communication ways. The company can be contacted through the e-mail address, and provides claim forms as it is mandatory. These forms can be found by the users in the vehicles as well.



2. Contract Modifications

We will occasionally make modifications on the service and/or contract. Every change will be notified via e-mail and sent from the address given in the reservation process. If the services continue to be used after the modifications being made, the user states and accepts these adjustments.



3. Requirements for using the service

To be able to use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old with enough capability to make a booking. If you’re underage, you can contract the services with the consent of a parent or tutor under the terms and conditions for the use of the Service. Likewise, you will assure that all the information given during the reservation is going to be truthful, complete and accurate at every moment.


4. Regulations for use

To use our service, you are obligated to give correct and complete information when you sign up for registration. Every user must respect the applied legislation.

Every user must be expressly compromised to make adequate use of the offered contents and services, not using them for:

  1. a) Diffusing content that is criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, with terrorist tendencies or against the law or against the public order in general.
  2. b) Introducing computer viruses into the web or making acts that may alter, damage, interrupt and generate errors into the electronic documents, data, systems and logistics of 89TRANSFERS or any thirds. Also blocking other users’ Access to the web site and the services through massive consume of the technological resources which 89TRANSFERS  uses to offer its services.
  3. c) Trying to Access from other user’s accounts or restricted areas of the computer systems established by 89TRANSFERS  or using thirds to extract information.
  4. d) Supplant identities with other user, with the public administration or a third.
  5. e) Reproduce, copy, distribute, publicly communicate, transform or modify the content, unless you hold an authorization from the copyright owner or it’s legally permitted by any other means.
  6. f) Collect data to make advertising and referring publicity of any kind with profit purposes or any other commercial nature without previous requirement or consent.


5. Intellectual property

The user recognizes and accepts that 89TRANSFERS owns the copyright over the whole service, mobile apps, content inserted into the web page (excluding other brands, logos, commercial names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flowcharts, presentations, animations, audio, video, etcetera), also the structure, selection and order of the content protected by the Industrial and Intellectual Property, which accordingly belongs to 89TRANSFERS or thirds authorized by 89TRANSFERS to manage the web site. In no case the mobile access will imply any type of disclaimer, transmission, license or cession of the copyrights, unless it is legally established otherwise. The present Terms and Conditions for the web site will not allow users to other forms of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or publicly communicate about the website or contents different from the ones expressly name in these conditions. Any other use or exploitation of the rights must be related to a previous authorization specifically given by 89TRANSFERS or a third holder of the affected rights. For any other kind of use other than those expressly permitted, it will be necessary to obtain previous consent from the owner of the rights. 89TRANSFERS reserves the right to take legal actions against users who violate or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights.


6. Responsibility Limits

89TRANSFERS is not responsible for the access conditions on mobile data network or the proper functioning once the user joined the website. 89TRANSFERS is committed to provide the best service possible; however, we cannot completely ensure the availability and continuity of service, the website or any other website that we have established a link with. You will agree that 89TRANSFERS can occasionally interrupt the service for indefinite periods of time or also cancel the service (or part of it) at any time for technical or operational reasons, in which case, we will notify through our service to the extent possible. Additionally, 89TRANSFERS will not be responsible in any way for damage that may result from the service on the website not being available at the moment; as well as any kind of computer failures, phone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads on telephone lines, Internet system or other electronic systems produced in the course of its operation.


7. Tariff Conditions

89TRANSFERS reserves the right to change price rates at any time.



8. Applicable Law

This agreement will be subject to the law in Spain. Additionally, you and 89TRANSFERS must agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Board of Transportation and the courts of Palma, Majorca for the resolution of any dispute, claim or controversy arising under this contract or from the use of our service. Money refund policy Any modification or cancellation made by the user in a 48 hours span before the expedition will be charged by 89TRANSFERS and will get a full refund. However, if the cancellation is made in less than 48 HOURS before the expedition, the user will get 80 % of the transfer, leaving the remaining part of the amount to pay the cost of damage for 89TRANSFERS. Without any external change to the agreed schedule, route, name or any other modifications that doesn’t result in a significant loss for 89TRANSFERS, as long as the customer can clearly and logically demonstrate the reason for the change. If the client fails to appear at the times and places mentioned and have not notified incident caused his failure, 89TRANSFERS will not refund the paid amount, considering such absence as harm to the company. 89TRANSFERS is not responsible for changes on the schedule, dates, cancellations, airlines or other modifications beyond their control, however, 89TRANSFERS will always try, as far as possible, to offer the service as circumstances permit. Nonetheless, 89TRANSFERS is not required to refund the amount or perform the service at other times, dates, or give an equivalent compensation.



Privacy Policy, Data Protection and Information Services Society (IS).

1. Introduction

To provide services as 89TRANSFERS, we need to collect certain information about you. In this Privacy Policy, Data Protection and Services from the IS, we describe the information we collect, what we do with it and how you can manage and control the use of this information. By using or interacting with the service, you are accepting the use of your information as it was already anticipated above and described in the Privacy Policy, Data Protection and IS services.


2. Collected information

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, Act 15/1999 of December 13, 89TRANSFERS informs expressly, precisely and unambiguously, that the provided personal data gives your consent for this information being incorporated and treated in a file for 89TRANSFERS, duly registered in the R.G.P.D. for its proper development. According to Article 13 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the Development Regulation of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, 89TRANSFERS expressly, precisely and unambiguously informs: ‘You can process data from users over fourteen (14) years old under your consent, except in those cases where the law requires to provide them the assistance of the holders of parental authority. In the case of a person under fourteen years of age, the consent of the parent or guardian will be required. 89TRANSFERS may use the collected information, including your personal data to: (a) provide, customize and improve your experience with our service, (b) ensure the technical operation of the service and (c) develop new features associated with service.

Similarly, and in order to provide better service, the user can send you information such as messages and warnings in relation to the transportation services (promotions, delays, breakdowns, general information, etc.) 89TRANSFERS guarantees that the provided data will be treated in accordance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (security, confidentiality, etc.)

89TRANSFERS will manage the files, which in the case of being necessary, you can replace in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, where users can go to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition. The user declares having been informed in accordance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data that the supplied information is actually complete, truthful, available to be updated and necessary for the providing of the service – being the status of this data not a responsibility of 89TRANSFERS. There is location data among the gathered information for the service. This data will be used for statistical purposes (demand analysis, origin/destination surveys and other studies that will improve the service provided to the user). We use various technologies to collect and store data when you access the application, including the send of one or more cookies and other similar technologies.

Cookie: A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters sent to the user’s computer each time you visit a website. When revisiting the same site, the cookie allows the web site to recognize your browser. Cookies can store user preferences and other information. Your browser settings can be modified to reject all cookies or to indicate when to send. However, it is possible that some functions or services of the website may not work properly without cookies. 89TRANSFERS may use “cookies” during the service providing through the website. The user is able to configure the browser so the creation of cookie files can be prevented or warned.

If you choose to leave our website by visiting other links outside our organization, 89TRANSFERS is not responsible for the privacy practices of such websites or the cookies that they can store in the user’s computer. Our e-mail policy is based on sending communications only if the user has consented to receive them. If you prefer not to receive these e-mails, we will give you the opportunity to exercise your right to stop receiving these messages, according to the provisions of Art. 22 of Law 34/2002 about Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Procedure in case of illicit activities

In case of any user or thirds considering that there are facts or circumstances revealing the illegal use of any content or carrying out any activity accessible through the website, you must send a notification to 89TRANSFERS properly identifying and specifying the alleged violations and stating expressly under your responsibility that the information being notified is accurate.




Every notification and communication between the users and 89TRANSFERS will be considered useful for all purposes, when sent via postal service or e-mail every user should address 89TRANSFERS by:

  1. a) Postal service to the following address: Calle Eusebio Estada 29, 8º1, Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.
  2. b) E-mail to the following address: