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What are these Palma Transfers?

They are private transfers between the airport of Majorca (PMI) to different parts of Mallorca. Mostly are displacements hotels, but also villas and private houses, apartments, etc.


Why should I choose a transfer from the airport of Palma de Mallorca?

  • Because they are an economical choice for groups of more than 4 persons up to 12 people.
  • Completely adapted to your needs.
  • Because we offer baby chairs and boosters for kids free.
  • Your bags and luggage, also free.
  • No queues. The driver will meet you at your departure gate.
  • You don’t need to pay anything in advance. You can also pay in Mallorca by cash or card at the end of each course. That’s great!

How can I book a transfer in Mallorca?

At 89transfers we make it very easy. To make a reservation only, you have to go to the home page and enter your hotel. If you don’t know, you can enter the address or a point near, or enter the town and once we know, you can specify in more detail your place.

It continues with the steps. Please enter the arrival and departure date if you want to hire a “roundtrip” transfer.

Tell us how many passengers will travel with you, including children and babies.

The next screen will ask for your data.

Already in the last screen of the booking, we will ask details such as flight number and time of collection. Here you can leave your comments with directions or suggestions.

To complete the reservation, please enter the security code that you have sent to the mobile.

Already, you have made the reservation for you without having to pay anything in advance.

The driver will wait for you in the “meeting point” of the airport of Palma de Mallorca selected day and time.

Then, what kind of Palma Airport Transfers will I get?

  • Will always be private, for you and your group.
  • Driven by a professional driver, according to the regulations of road transport in Spain.
  • Insurance and guaranteed. Payment is made once completed the transfer, by cash or card.
  • Service Door to Door.
  • We are NOT a shuttle bus ?
  • We are NOT subcontracting with another unknown company.


Palma Airport Taxi Transfers

Commonly. These services are from Palma, its airport. You will find that the best companies offer this service of private taxi transfers. It is ideal for travel up to 7 adults with moderate luggage. Enjoy the maximum comfort. And the service is usually high-speed.


Transfers from Palma Airport to:


From the airport to Alcúdia. One of the most demanded. But usually, they are also from Palma to Alcudia.

Palma Airport to Alcúdia Transfer Time: 50 minutes. Distance: 60 kilometers.


From the airport to Palmanova. This city is very close to Magaluf, Calvià.


From Palma Airport to Pollensa. One of the most popular Majorca transfers. We will travel north on the highway for approximately 1 hour.

The distance from the airport to Puerto Pollensa is 70 km.

Santa Ponsa

From Palma to Santa Ponsa. This transfer will take you to one of the most beautiful areas of the South-West coast of Mallorca. Its great beach and 5-star hotels are reference throughout the island by its qualities and excellent views. You will enjoy a quiet, where you can relax and take good snacks and meals in their restaurants.

Palma Airport Transfer to Santa Ponsa Transfer Time: 30 minutes. Distance: 30 kilometers.


Palma Airport Transfers to Magaluf, another of the transfers star among young and not so young, who want a party atmosphere.

Transfer Time: 25 minutes.

Distance: 25 kilometers.


Can Picafort

From Palma Airport to Can Picafort are very similar to those made in Alcudia, since we must first pass through this city. An extension of the port of Alcudia, almost imperceptible changes from an area to another.

Transfer Time from Palma Airport to Can Picafort: 55 minutes.

Distance from Airport: 65 kilometers.

Cala D’or

From Palma Airport to Cala d’Or is a beautiful route. The last kilometers, the road gets slightly worse. Nothing worrying. It is worth, as its name suggests, will be gold that we find in these coves. Cala d’Or = Aurum Creek.

Transfer Time from Palma Airport to Cala d’Or: 60 minutes.

Distance from Palma Airport to Cala d’Or: 50 kilometers.

Palma Airport Transfers Bus

There are public and private companies that offer these majorca airport transfers.

For example, public transport. Anything recommended. Public Transport is slow, complicated and not very user-friendly if you’re thinking about making a transfer from Palma Airport to Alcudia, you’d have to take a bus EMT or TIB which will take you to the capital, Palma. Specifically, Plaza Spain. This journey of just 10km can become 1 hour between waits and intermediate stops.

Once in Plaza Spain, you will have to go to the intermodal station and buy tickets (TIB) in the Alcúdia address. The journey is 1 hour, provided the bus exit at that very moment.

In short, you can spend at least 2 hours, provided you have not had to wait any time, which is unlikely, or up to 3 and 4 hours for a journey that, in a private transfer, you could have done in just 50 minutes.

In addition to the comfort and save you the stress involved in public transport.

We remind you that the months of summer (June, July, August) the temperature in Mallorca is stifling.

Majorca Airport Transfers with Bikes

In these moments, 89transfers does not offer shuttle service within bikes. To make this transfers appropriately, the company must have a platform to place bikes safely. Also, other companies offer a few closed trailers. They used to put bikes and luggage.

The best thing you can do is seek the company of transfers for bikes, which is dedicated exclusively to this.

Majorca Airport Transfers with Pets

Only dogs accompanied by their canine guides, detailing its limitations it may ride with us.

Palma Airport Transfers Companies

There are many companies in Mallorca.  Some based in Palma, others in other cities.

89transfers is a company that operates from the airport, mainly.

We recommend that you thoroughly read your different websites, or the views of users, TripAdvisor or Google, for example. You can compare them and choose which best suits your needs. –We are preparing a comparison of companies of Majorca transfers-.

But we will give you some guidelines and tips to make no mistake in the election.

  • That is private from airport transfers
  • who agree to pay on arrival.
  • Offering baby seats and boosters free.
  • Having return policy in case of delay or default
  • that accept various forms of payment
  • who have good ratings in Google or TripAdvisor
  • Whatever the price without hidden costs
Palma Airport Transfers
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