Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa


It’s time to plan the holidays to Mallorca and you have almost everything booked. Luckily, you have been able to find tickets to fly for very little money and you have also booked your rooms in a wonderful hotel. The next step you have ahead is to hire your Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa.


Landing and collecting your bags should not take long. Normally, it is estimated a maximum of 45 minutes after landing to leave the airport. At that time, you should take the best option to move to the hotel.


Most people say that parking in Puerto Pollensa can be very tedious, due to the fact that it is an area with a lot of vehicular traffic compared to the few places where you can park the car. For this reason, choosing a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa may be the best option.


In addition, when booking a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa it is possible to estimate the final cost of the transfer. This is a benefit if you take into account that taxi services, besides being more expensive every day, do not allow you to foresee the cost until the final destination is reached.

Benefits of Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa

There is no doubt that a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa is the best alternative to start your holiday in Mallorca.


Choosing this option can offer many economic benefits that you should consider. But, in addition to the money, keep in mind that by booking a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa in advance you will save a lot of time that people usually lose in the long lines of taxis.


It will also save you the time that most people lose when they look for transfers to the hotel when they land. In airports there are many offers for this, but also many people want to take advantage of this and do not work honestly.


As for the economic, the Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa have another great benefit. The price of taxis has increased considerably in recent years, reaching outrageous figures for what is a simple transfer from one site to another. Also, many people have negative experiences with taxi drivers.

Pre-book your transfer

There is no doubt that a Palma Airport transfer is the best option. The Mayorca transfers are chosen each year by more people and this is due to their innumerable amount of benefits in relation to other types of transfer services.


You can book your Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa for any time, no matter when you travel to Mallorca. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


In addition, if you hire a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa more than 24 hours in advance, you will have an extra free guarantee.


On the other hand, if you plan to spend your vacations with a large group of people, this is the best alternative. You can move with your whole group in one car and get an extra savings for the same comfort.


Then, do not wait any longer and hire your Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa.

Extra benefits of booking a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa

Another of the great benefits of hiring a Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa is its fleet of quality cars. Many customers highlight the comfort of the service and value the investment made to offer quality at the time of travel.


Every year, cars are renewed with the aim of providing a differential service with which customers can start their holidays in Mallorca.


In addition, the fleet has cars for all the different types of people who come to vacation. You can choose a car of up to four people, a minivan of up to 7 people or a minibus of up to 13 people.


But this is not all. The service is also highly valued by families, who highlight the possibility of reserving child safety seats for the greatest protection of their children.

About Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa is a small town located north of the island of Mallorca. This island is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous Spanish community that is entirely an archipelago.


In the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca has the benefits of a beautiful and warm summer climate that is combined with its white sand beaches and transparent water.


For this reason, Puerto Pollensa is a very chosen site by international tourism. Especially, it is a place frequented by the British community that keeps choosing it again and again.


Puerto Pollensa is also known for being the site where the famous writer Agatha Christie wrote some of her novels.

The preservation of the environment

Puerto Pollensa is one of the sites in Mallorca where the construction of large buildings is not allowed. This is part of a policy of preservation of the environment that brings many benefits for nature and tourism.


Then, when you arrive to Puerto Pollensa with a Mallorca transfer you will notice that it is very difficult to see tall buildings. On the opposite, you will find huge beaches of white sand that are surrounded by pine trees and palm trees.

Beaches of Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa has a great variety of beautiful beaches and coves. These sites are highlighted by white sand and the color of transparent and turquoise water.


Among the beaches most chosen by tourists are the beautiful beach of Formentor, the beach of Albercuix and El Caló. As for the coves, the most important are Cala Formentor, Cala San Vicens, Cala En Feliú and Cala Murta.

Where to eat

No tourist comes to Mallorca without asking where and what to eat. This island has a rich gastronomic tradition that can be enjoyed in cafes, bars and restaurants.


A walk along the promenade is enough to find places to eat a delicious seafood paella, share a pizza or enjoy typical Mallorcan food.

Tourist attractions

Puerto Pollensa is also chosen by tourists who intend to do more than simply rest on the beach facing the sea.


Therefore, this town has a very good offer of water sports. Among them, stand out paddle surfing and kite surfing, which is increasingly fashionable and is very entertaining! There are many companies that on the same site offer the necessary equipment to practice them.


On the other hand, it is also possible to rent a boat to navigate the coasts. This is an unforgettable experience that allows people to discover views that can only be found from a boat.


But this is not all. In Puerto Pollensa it is possible to go hiking and discover some beautiful landscapes, hidden caves, and some species of birds that you can not see in other places. Do you know the Eleonora hawks?


For the more adventurous, it is also possible to rent mountain bikes and start a long journey through the north of the island. Between roads and land areas, this trip is amazing.

Its history

This site is also part of a tragic history for Spain. During the Civil War that took place between 1936 and 1939, General Franco ordered that the lighthouse of the port be converted into a military base.


From there took off German aircraft that attacked the small Basque town of Guernica, which was completely destroyed in a sort of military experiment on April 26, 1937. This was later told by the plastic artist Pablo Picasso in his painting also called Guernica .


On the other hand, Puerto Pollensa is a town where many wealthy families from Palma and Madrid, the capital of Spain, built retirement or weekend homes during the 20th century. In fact, in the famous Paseo de los Pinos you can see very luxurious constructions.


And you, what do you expect to hire your Palma Airport transfer to Puerto Pollensa?