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Looking for a taxi or transfer from Mallorca Palma Airport?

For your holiday transfers better with a minibus! Trust us, we are specialized in Mallorca transfers from Airport and vice versa


  • It ‘s cheaper. All our transfers in Majorca from the majorca airport to your hotel or vice versa to only € 89.89 per way. All taxes included. Final Price.
  • It is more exclusive. We will be waiting for you at the meeting point with a sign and your name, and everything will be ready to start our transfer.
  • By booking with us, totally personalized door to door service.
  • It will fit all your luggage and all the members of your group in one vehicle. Up to 12 people
  • Because you can play all the music you want. We believe that a transfer has to be cheerful, and more if you are on vacation in Mallorca.
  • No waiting, no queues and always punctual.
  • We are specialized in Palma Airport Transfers. That is why we offer cheap holiday transfers.

But … what are the most requested transfers in Mallorca?

After a sample among all our clients, with a duration of 3 years we have determined that these are the most requested transfers in Mallorca.

Place Distributtion %

Transfers from Mallorca Airport. Transports to …

Taxi Transport Transfer to Alcudia

Undoubtedly Alcudia, in the north of Majorca, is the ideal place to spend it as a family, its extensive beach, its restaurants, bars, open spaces, leisure offer … they make this perfect place to spend as a family at all ages.

Transfer Time: 50min.

Transfer Price with us: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Transfer to Alcudia.

Taxi Transport Transfer to Magaluf

An option very demanded by the young public. Highlights your nightlife. Not without giving up a very beautiful beach and with many restaurants and pubs.

Transfer Time: 25min.

Transfer Price with us: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Magaluf.

Taxi Transport Transfer to Palma & Arenal

Palma is the capital of the city, and that is why it is on our list of most requested transfers. Our capital has a lot of Arab and Roman history. We can not leave this city without seeing the walls, the cathedral of Palma, the Arab baths, the bulwark and our beautiful port.

Transfer Time: 15min

Transfer Price with us: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Palma & Arenal.

Taxi Transport Transfer to Pollensa

Also located in the north, Pollensa is a very quiet area. We have in Pollensa port, which is the most tourist place in this town. This area offers some more tranquility, with its beautiful bay and beach, along with its peculiar winds, make it ideal for windsurfing or any sport of light sailing, as well as it is very common to see hundreds of paragliding practitioners.

Chosen by couples, or groups that seek tranquility, either in their villas or hotels, offers a wide range of options. We must also highlight its restaurants and cuisine.

Pollensa town does not enjoy the sea, but it does have a rural, quiet and restful space in the foothills of the Pollensa mountains (belonging to the Sierra de Tramontana). Relax in its pure state.

Transfer Time: 1h 10min.

Transfer Price with us: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Pollensa.

Taxi Transport Transfer to Palmanova

Palmanova is very close to Magaluf, south-west of the island, 20km from the capital, Palma.

In Palmanova we will find its fantastic beach. Their restaurants are all on the seafront, so enjoying a paella after a dip is not a bad idea. Here you will find hotels of all kinds, from apartments to 3 * 4 * and 5 * star hotels. Ideal for couples of all ages. In addition, its night offer is also present with several pubs, being so close to Magaluf is infected by it, without reaching the ends of Magaluf.

Transfer Time: 25min.

Transfer Price with us: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Palmanova.

Taxi Transport Transfer to Santa Ponsa

Following the same highway that took us to Palmanova or Magaluf, only 5 minutes away, is Santa Ponsa, with very similar characteristics in terms of the style of tourism it houses, but with an even more beautiful, majestic beach between its two small cliffs on each side. Its crystal-clear beach and its small pine forest make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. (Soon we will make a post dedicated to the best beaches we can find in Mallorca).

We will find a line of hotels near the beach, several pubs and restaurants. Ideal for families traveling with children and / or babies, because this area is quieter than nearby Palmanova and Magaluf.

Transfer Time: 30min.

Transfer Price: € 89.89 per way.

Read on and learn more about Santa Ponsa.

Several ways to move around Mallorca and only one the best.

The offer of “transport in Mallorca” is very varied, always trying to satisfy the demand of tourists always adapting to their priorities and requirements.

Next, we will explain different ways of “book your travel” very briefly the options you can find.

Palma Airport Transfers Companies .

This is the favorite choice for you, the tourists. The reasons that make it stand out for it, is knowing the price in advance, knowing that it will be the final price. It is very reassuring to know that there will be no variations.

In addition, it is ideal for groups and families, since many times your luggage can not be accommodated in a vehicle, sometimes even using two vehicles, with the price increase that implies.

Here you can find from private services to the well-known “shuttle bus”.


Private Transfers : Exclusive transfer for you, totally personalized, with door to door service. Without waiting and without queues, the driver will be waiting for your arrival at the airport or hotel.

Shuttle Bus : In this type of transfers you will usually have to wait a while at the airport to complete the minimum group of people that the company has set aside to make the trip. That is, it is a service shared with other people who go to the same area. It is usually slower, depending on whether your stop is the first or the last. It is not usually a door to door service, so you will surely have to walk a few meters until you reach your destination. A Advantage to emphasize is the lower cost, being a “low cost” option.

Using a Taxi Mallorca services.

This option is great if you need speed and effectiveness. If the budget is not a problem for you this option is very interesting. Great for very small groups.

The “Mallorca taxi prices” vary depending obviously on the destination and origin. For example, taking a taxi “from palma airport” or going to it is an extra cost. In any case it is one more transport option in Mallorca, known by all in all the world.

Palma Airport Bus.

So far we have been talking about private, or semi private transport options . But these other alternatives also exist.

Bus EMT Palma. This is the m unicipal bus line in Palma de Mallorca. We can go to Palma (the capital of the island) from the airport and vice versa with line 1. It is a very fast bus with few stops in the city, and without any other stop outside it to get as quickly as possible to the airport.
We can also go from the airport to El Arenal ( Can Pastilla and Playa de Palma) with line 21.

If you want you can see in the following link the different lines of the EMT and its connections, schedules and stops.

Bus TIB . These are coaches with regular lines between the capital (Palma) to different locations throughout the island of Mallorca.
These coaches are taken in Plaza de España (Palma), arriving previously with line 1 of the EMT bus in Palma.

You can see the different lines of the TIB at the following link

No doubt these options are the slowest to make a “mallorca transfer” but nevertheless they are the cheapest. They can not assure you availability for the whole group on the same bus, no space for all your luggage, as well as punctuality. To this we must add that it will not offer you a door to door service and the obligatory transfer that you will have to do in the “Intermodal Station of Plaza España”.

So , from here, we do not recommend this method of transport, however, we inform of its existence for those who want to venture.

Follow the steps and book your transfer from the airport to your hotel and vice versa online.

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