Transfers from the Mallorca airport


As you may now know, from reading our other blog posts, Mallorca is an amazing holiday destination. We love transfers from the Mallorca airport

But you already knew this, right?

Today, we are going to discuss some of our favourite transfers, those which we enjoy the most – because, of course, we enjoy them all. However, as with all jobs, there are some things we enjoy more than others.

The best transfers

You may assume that our favourite transfers are the ones furthest away, or the ones with the best roads, but actually, our favourite transfers are the ones where the customer is completely satisfied, where you are confident that they are feel happy and safe and are actually enjoying the ride.


It isn’t always each to suddenly switch been the stresses of work and big busy cities.


Often, there are a lot of customers that don’t manage to get into “holiday mode” straight away, it takes them a while forget their day-to-day stresses to relax and enjoy their holiday. Often customers are so impatient to get to their hotel and become even more stressed. Thing such as “Sir, its too hot” are some of the most common things we hear. And yes, we completely understand.  Often customers come from places where the hottest it gets is about 20ºC and landing in Mallorca in mid-July where it is usually around 35ªC with a humidity of 75% – we understand the initial discomfort. However, despite Mallorca’s hot and humid climate, it is balanced out with over 300 beaches along our coast. Don’t miss out on one of our next posts talking all about our favourite coves and beaches on the island.


Our satisfaction with the transfers


Our greatest contentment is to change this mood during the transfer and make sure all our clients begin to enjoy their holiday from the very moment they land. Many say 40 minutes isn’t enough time to do so (the average length of a welovetransfers journey), but we believe differently. And this is why we are called WE LOVE TRANSFERS. The name wasn’t thought of due to marketing intentions, but because we honestly do love what we do.

In 40 minutes we offer our personalised music playlist and at the beginning of the trip we always offer the customer the use of our Spotify premium account to play whatever they desire.

Often at first customers are shy to play their own music, but once in control of the minibus’ Tablet, they wish for the journey to be longer. “Have we arrived already?” a customer asked the other day after spending the whole journey singing Coldplay songs with her family. We love this!


We believe that it is our attention to little details, the providing of music amongst these, that makes our customers happy and why they keep coming back to us.

At the end of the day, the satisfaction of doing something well and making someone else happy is a great feeling, regardless of whether this is our job, because we are all humans.


We want to be your transfer choice in Mallorca.


Where will we be taking you?