The History of Transfers in Mallorca


If you have reached this page it is most likely that you are interested in reserving a transfer in Mallorca.

In the last 20 years, tourism in Mallorca has increased almost exponentially. Because of this, there has been new businesses, new deals and huge improvements to the already existing services.

Transport in Mallorca, also part of this, specifically tourist transport.

Before considering this, I am going to go over the history of tourism beginning with the “tourism boom”.


First Transfer in Mallorca

Mid to late 1950’s, due to the post-war economic situation, the only way to reactivate the economy was tourism.

Hotels were built and Tour Operators began to bring European tourists to Mallorca. Mallorca was a trial location and it turned out to be very successful.

Tour operators sold it was a complete package, in which transport was included. They knew that every two flights, they filled a hotel. This way they could also keep track of resources, making sure they didn’t sell more than they could offer.

To deal with this demand for transport, the first transfer companies appeared for exclusive use by the Tour operators (1960-1970).


Alternative Methods of Transport in Mallorca

Mid-1970’s the first rent-a-car’s appeared on the island. This, of course, encouraged the improvement and construction of an effective road network and motorway on the island. This was an attempt to improve the connection of some of the further away parts of the island to the airport, to make sure nowhere on the island was more than an hour drive from the airport.


From 2000 until Now

The government has worked hard in the previous years to improve the quality of tourism in all fields.

As a result of improvements to the airport, with the construction of a new terminal, there have also been huge improvements in hotels, transport, beaches and road, because of the increase in tourists arriving.


Year 2000: 19.4M PAX and 2486 hotels

Year 2016: 26.3M PAC and 2773 hotels


A 35% increase in passengers in 16 years.


How many transfer services are there?

It is hard to determine an exact number of transfer services and statistic on how they have evolved. However, using the data stated previously, we can presume that there has also been a huge increase at a similar rate.


The services are divided into two groups:

  1. Public
    1. Balearic Island Transport (TIB)
    2. Municipal Transport (EMT)
    3. Taxi
  2. Private
    1. Private transport companies (buses, minibuses, limousines…)
    2. Rent-a-cars


Which are used the most?

The private services are without a doubt the most important in terms of tourism.

The most popular being rent-a-cars and transfers.


This is, of course, due to the freedom and comfort that comes with having a vehicle to use freely and whenever we want.

Transfers are a quick and cheap alternative, these can either be shared transfers or transfers completely personalised and exclusive to you. In both cases, there is a good balance between comfort and price.

Also transfers are often included in all-inclusive holiday deals which include flights, hotel and transport.


Of course, public taxis are play a huge role in the tourism transport sector, however due to their size and price, this option is not always as appealing.

For example, it is often hard to fit four people with luggage into one small taxi. If there are more than four people, this means paying for a whole other taxi. Therefore, price doubles, even if there is just one extra person. Another discouraging factor is not knowing the price prior to the journey.


Finally, public transport, such as buses, isn’t always appealing due to various reasons including its speed, accessibility and overall comfort. This is without a doubt the least popular transport method amongst tourists.


Where do most tourists go in Mallorca?
The most popular areas are:
  • The north-east (Alcudia, Pollensa and Can Picafort)
  • The south and south-each (Cala D’Or, Cala Ratjada, Cala Millor and Cala Mesquida)
  • The south-west (Arenal, Palmanova, Magaluf, Santa Ponça, Andratx)


But basically all of the Mallorcan coast, excluding the North-west (apart from Soller) due to the unevenness and complexity of the land there.


And you? Where are you going?