5 ways of transport in Mallorca

There are several ways to get around. We are going to analyze the different forms of transport in Mallorca examining the advantages and disadvantages.


For this, we will use different scales, such as comfort, final price, and quality price.  The most important factor here is price/comfort.


The most versatile

Perhaps renting a car in Mallorca can make the most sensible option. Especially when the group is small, and the main idea is to get to know the island of Mallorca.

Then there is no doubt that this would be a good solution. Little more can be added. We all know in 2019 the advantages of renting a car, also, in Mallorca there is a lot of competition and, therefore, reasonable prices.


The most expensive

If money is not a concern, there is nothing better than hiring a taxi or even a service for days of private transportation. A driver and vehicle available for you, Paris Hilton style. So you see preparing your wallet…


The most recommended Transport in Mallorca

And perhaps the most sensible.  The transfer from Palma Airport. You are probably visiting Mallorca with a tourist offer in which the hotel, the beach, and all the activities are carried out in the same space or city.

If you have come to Mallorca, it is probably to rest. And even more so if you come from cities with heavy traffic. So forget about it and get a mix of the above points without paying a large amount of money.

For example, going to Cales de Mallorca, to the east of the island costs about 98€ each way. In other words, going to and from Mallorca Airport to your hotel would cost you less than 200 euros.

And this with our company would be the final price, no insurance, no extra costs, and no unpleasant surprises.

Round trip for less than 200 euros, 180 pounds


So, if you are only going to be in Cales de Mallorca, which is also an isolated village, but where everything exists. The beach, the bars, pubs, ATMs, tobacconists, everything is less than 300m away. You don’t need to be paying for the daily rent of a car, nor for insurance, petrol. And much less, to be driving. You’ve come to rest, haven’t you?

And to finish this point, if your group is more than 5 people, you will need either to rent two cars or a mini-van. This would finally make the final price more expensive, while, with the transfer, you will go in a comfortable and spacious minibus of up to 12 passengers and their luggage.


Public Transport

Public transport in Mallorca is not a highly recommended option. Their schedules and accesses are very scarce.

We have already talked about it in this post 


Even so, we want to make this way of traveling known. It can work for you.


Are there trains in Mallorca?

The quick answer is yes. The complex answer is “yes but no.”

Let me explain that in Mallorca we have 2 train lines, but they are not focused on tourist transport… – Excuse me?

All right, the transport in Sóller is exclusively tourist but what I wanted to say is that Mallorca does not have a transport network designed to replace conventional road transport.

We have 2 trains and 1 meter.

Soller Train

From Plaza España (Palma) to Soller. This train will take you on a classic electric train (Siemens).

Do you go up? 51 minutes complete journey from the vision of the driver. (Camera on board)

Inca Train

From Plaza España (Palma) to Manacor and Sa Pobla. Although initially, it was until Inca, years ago it was extended to provide further coverage. It is an inland train that serves as a transport tool to the densest villages of Mallorca and connects them with the capital, place of work or study of many users.

Then, this train will not serve us to reach our hotels either, since as I said before is an inland train, and as you may well know, the hotels are distributed along the entire coastline of the island.

Metro from Palma to the University

The university is only 7km from Palma. For the last 10 years, this metro has taken you to the only university in the Balearic Islands.

Conclusion: None of them will serve us to go to our hotel.