Transfer from the Palma Airport to Alcudia
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Transfer from the Palma Airport to Alcudia

Transfer to Alcudia are some of the most popular amongst our clients. This is quite understandable due to the fact that Alcudia is an extremely historic city with impressive beaches and loads to do.

The journey, currently, is around 45 minutes long. In 2005, before the extension of the motorway, the transfer to Alcudia took about an hour.

However, there are plans for the near future to further extend the motorway to Alcudia, which is good news for us as this would allow us to reach Alcudia even faster, in just under 35 minutes.


Why are transfers to Alcudia so popular?


  1. The Alcudia Village

Alcudia (Al-Qudya), means “earth mound” in Arabic, and this refers to the “Antalya” the 445m mountain which is the highest point of the village.

This village was taken over by the Muslims from 902 to 1229.

The first thing you see upon arriving in Alcudia is the remains of the wall Jaime II of Mallorca built in 1298 for protection.

60 years’ prior, his father, Jaime I conquered Mallorca.

Alcudia has always been a highly regarded location by all, from the romans to the Arabs and even pirates, due to its geographical positioning and good links to all the main sea routes.


Much before being an Arabic village, it was a roman city called Pollentia (not Pollensa) which was founded in 123 aC by the Roman consul, Cecilio Metelo.

Despite being discovered in the 17th century, it is still a prime location for archaeologists digging for remains (coins, plates…). A lot of the objects have helped to discover the history of the village.


The Romans made this the roman Balearic capital as it was extremely well connected through the sea.


The Pollentia theatre, el Forum La Portella is extremely well-known.


  1. The Alcudia beach

One of the largest beaches in Mallorca, the Alcudia beach is 7km long. Many people confuse this beach with the Can Picafort area, however, the truth is that with such long beaches it is difficult to determine the exact length of each.

Many water sports are practised on this beach and there are excellent facilities to do so, with many bars, hotels and amenities.


  1. Quality Tourism

The quality of the Mallorcan hotels is highly recognised. In fact, many people agree that the 3* hotels seems to be 4 or even 5* ones because they are so good.

This is quite logical due to the tourism being one of Mallorca’s focal interests and for the improvement of which, it has put a lot of resources and efforts into.



Here we compared the amount of tourists passing through this airport to other airports. In 2016, there were almost 30 million of you. It is the 11th busiest airport in Europe. This is quite impressive, taking into account the fact that the other airports in this list have from 2 to 7 times the size of the Mallorcan population. If we also add onto this that the traffic here is seasonable, these statistics are incredible.


To finalise this post, I am going leave you with another extraordinary fact about our airport.


30 million passengers a year, mean 2.5 million passengers a month. Taking into account that the total population in Mallorca is under one million inhabitants according to the INE (national statistics institution). This means that in high season Mallorca holds up to three times more people than the residents of the island.


Now that you know all about transfer to Alcudia you will understand why it is amongst our TOP 5 most popular destinations.


Key Facts: Due to its easy-access, cultural history, incredible beaches and impressive selection of leisure and hospitality services.